What are Reward Points?

Hey, glad you asked! Simply, we want our customers to know we appreciate them...when you own a business one way to "show the love" is free stuff. Right? So, basically our reward points are earned every purchase and can be redeemed at checkout for dollars off total order or depending on amount of points, even free coffee!

How do I earn rewards?

Every purchase earns a certain amount of points, based on the dollar value of the product. Additionally, our monthly and bi-monthly subscriptions earn points. Unless otherwise noted, you will earn 5 points PER dollar spent. This does not include tax or shipping costs. 

So here's an example:

If you buy a bag of coffee priced at 10.49, you will earn 52 points (we round to the nearest $). 

You will always see the points earned at checkout! Throughout the year, we may offer additional points as promotional sales, holidays, etc so keep your eyes out!

How do I redeem points?

Easy peasy. At checkout there will be a location for you to select to use reward points. You can use partial points, or all of your points.

More questions? Feel free to ask!