Set up road markers for yourself; establish signposts! Keep the highway in mind, the way you have traveled. - Jeremiah 31:21

M- Missions

We believe that every person deserves to hear about the love of Jesus Christ. Many times this message is shared through missionaries who have dedicated their lives to service. At SignPost Coffee, we believe in missions happening in our backyards and missions happening in unreached places. Our partnership with various missionaries and ministries allows us to form connections and financially support their efforts. Through the avenue of coffee, we are able to express our belief that every life matters. A portion of our proceeds are given to these missions and to support short-term mission trips.

I- Integrity

We believe that it is of utmost importance to deal with integrity in all areas of our business. From the choices that we make about where to source coffee, to doing the best we can to ensure that farmers are paid fairly, to our desire to value our customers and treat each as we would want to be treated. Ultimately, we want our coffee to reflect who we are and bring glory to God!

S- Sustainability

We believe in the importance of tending and caring for the earth we have been given. We believe that sustainable farming honors the land and improves quality. Many of our coffees come from farms that are organically certified, and we also consider coffees from farms that are using sustainable growing practices that strive to minimize the use of chemical fertilizer or pesticides. Paying farmers a fair wage provides for their families, their communities, and allows for investment in more efficient and sustainable growing, harvesting, and milling practices.

S- Specialty Coffee

We believe in coffee with character! Coffee without character is like a canvas without paint. We love to explore the complex, unique characteristics, that come with each harvest of coffee. We identify with the specialty coffee industry, its community, and its passion to produce excellent coffee. Our priority is to instill this passion into each bag of coffee provided to our customers.

I- Inspire

We believe everyone has a calling. We want to inspire people to pursue that calling. We strive to encourage others to join the mission movement and we accomplish this by assisting in the raising of funds for short term mission trips. Additionally, we support entrepreneurship and partner with like-minded businesses to form connection and shared business exposure.

O- Outreach

We believe in reaching out through various events to share our love of coffee and community. We partner with our local church to bring awareness to missions by providing and serving coffee from regions where our missionaries serve. All donations are given back to the church mission fund. These are some of the ways that we accomplish our outreach goal!

N- Nourishing

We believe our hearts are meant for connection. Coffee has a rich history of drawing people together and many times we have found ourselves sharing our lives with another person over a simple cup of coffee. We desire that our coffee will draw people together in community and we pray that our coffee nourishes your soul.


Projects For Asia's Hope House is located in Chiang Mai, Thailand. It is a rescue home for underprivileged children from Hill Tribe groups located in the mountains nearby. Recently, the owner of the land announced that it was going to be sold and they had 6 months to relocate.

Hope House is a mission supported by our local church and we've had a long relationship with Tom and Lenora. This recent challenge that they are facing has lead us to want to support them in any way that we can. A portion of all coffee sales will go towards building Hope House.

We invite you to learn more and support them if you can as well! Click here for more information about the ministry and to how to help. For updates on the project, see their Facebook page.