Mugs on a Mission: Why it Matters

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I doubt you regularly stop to consider every time that you rise a glass of water to your lips. I doubt that you take the time to feel it run down your throat and into your belly. I know that I don’t. But isn’t it a wonder? Isn’t it a downright miracle that we can put a glass up to the refrigerator and get water out? In my case it is water that is coming up from the ground, put through my filtration system and then filtered again through my refrigerator. Cold, clean water.

Have you ever stopped for a moment to just let coffee linger on your tongue? To feel its warmth spread throughout your mouth? How about that first sip that sometimes burns the lips?

I doubt we often think about these things, how significant the simple rim of a cup or mug is. The simple act of holding a cup in our hands. I cannot help but to think of the places in the world where the hands are the cup. How tenderly water is scooped up in the hands and brought to the lips to drink. You can see it now can’t you?

Why does this all matter? Why such a heartfelt discourse on cups? Because I wanted to let you know that it matters. The hands that create the mugs from which we drink, matter. The water that is given to those to drink from their hands, matter.

We often get asked the story behind the mugs that we sell. For starters they are not your average coffee mug that you can pick up for a couple of bucks from the store. Sometimes the price tag is a bit of a shock. We totally get that.

When we started our quest to find the perfect mug that would represent our company we knew a few things that we really wanted in the mug. 1. It was not made by anyone involved in child labor or being paid unfair wages 2. We wanted to work with a company that had similar values as our own and had ethical business practices. 3. We wanted a mug design that would bring joy and delight to all of our drinkers.

Enter MudLove. We got the referral from a friend to check this company out. One glance at the mugs and we were totally smitten. A quick couple of emails back and forth and we set up our first order with a custom logo. Boom. Incredible.

We fell totally head over heels in love with MudLove not only because they are a small company that hand makes everything in the USA, every single mug, but they also support an amazing cause. MudLove has partnered with Water For Good, a non-profit organization devoted to bringing clean water to the Central Republic of Africa. Through the partnership, every coffee mug that is sold provides a week of water to someone in Africa. A week of clean water. Wow. That definitely fit the bill for us. A beautiful & ethically made mug that gives back. Mugs on a Mission. Perfection.

There is this joy that comes when you know that your small choices do matter. The choice of what mug you want to drink your coffee out of can make a smile last a whole week in someone else’s world. Being able to give that gift to someone you may never meet is enough to bring a smile to your lips every time that mug touches it. So next time you cradle the warm mug and bring it to your lips, remember…it matters.

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