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We have got some fantastic things brewing here at SignPost Coffee! A couple of weeks ago we got a new pallet delivery of coffee. For our small, family-run operation, this is a huge success for us! Last week we also added a 4th child to our family, so things have been a tad wild around here as you can imagine! We wanted to take this opportunity while we are relishing in "new things" to spotlight a few of our new coffees! We will be updating our inventory & getting the new 'perks' online as fast as we can given the wild scenario previously mentioned.

Since I, (Erica), am still savoring all the sentimental postpartum hormones, I thought I would write about friendship & coffee. Insert Pause for "awwwll" moment. Go ahead, I'll wait.

Well actually, the idea comes from our newest delivery (of coffee...not baby) from Costa Rica. This beautiful coffee comes from a family-run farm in Costa Rica named "La Amistad" which means friendship. I'm hooked already. When you realize the incredible amount of relationship involved in getting coffee to your cup, it makes you appreciate it all the more. I thought I would highlight a couple of areas that really stand out to me.

-Hand-picked coffee- Have you ever been blueberry picking? We search high and low for that sweet cluster of perfectly blue berries, careful to only pick the bluest ones. We leave the green & red behind. Coffee is very similar (only not blue). The coffee cherries grow in clusters, but never do entire clusters ripen at the same time. Each delicate fruit is chosen at its peak ripeness. Coffee growers know that an underripe or overripe cherry can ruin a batch of coffee. But why does all this matter to us? Imagine yourself holding a handful of coffee beans, and then imagining the person who might have picked all those for you. It's the same feeling we get when a neighbor drops off some fresh produce out of their garden or a basket of handpicked strawberries. We feel more love. We feel connection & friendship. We feel valued that someone would take such care to ensure quality on our behalf.

As I have studied the specialty coffee industry & farms like La Amistad, there is such a beautiful commitment to quality. Growing organic coffee with ethical treatment of workers and the land requires so much dedication and connection. These farmers are so passionate about their work. Doesn't that make you feel like a friend?

-Environment Care- Sustainable farming is of top importance to organic coffee farmers. The La Amistad farm has done this beautifully, by harnessing the rich land surrounding the coffee farm. On three sides of the plantation is rain forest and coffee parcels are sectioned throughout the rain forest. Clean streams of water from the forest supply the water for the farms on-site hydro-electric plant which washes the coffee and runs the milling machinery. Coffee cherry pulp, animal manure and other plant material are composted by earthworms to make rich fertilizer for the coffee plants. Biodiversity is honored through this true friendship between farmer and his land.

These are just a couple of my favorite aspects about coffee. I hope you see the friendship evidenced through quality and care that travels all the way back to a remote vista where families are working hard to make you feel like a neighbor, like a friend.

Brew some Costa Rican coffee & join this community of friends.

Coffee is available online now! Cupping notes and more information about the farm is listed on our product page HERE.

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