About Us

Hey! Welcome! We're Alex and Erica Monroe. We also have a quiver of four small children. We live in the deep country, quite literally in the middle of a corn field. We made the move from the city with the goal of becoming more self-sustainable. Part of our dream has always been to have land in order to start a coffee roasting business. Our small town homes and nearby neighbors never really accommodated us well in that endeavor. We were incredibly blessed to happen upon 5 acres of pure country land.

Our passion started when we experienced our first cup of freshly roasted coffee on our Seattle honeymoon. We knew we were smitten. We have spent years roasting with various home roasters (yes, even the popcorn popper!) and finding our own personal style and roast preferences. Over the years, we have also become more aware and passionate about global issues regarding coffee manufacturing, such as underpayment of workers and child labor. It's our mission and goal to help bring awareness to these issues and source our coffee responsibly.

By day, Alex is a computer techie, solving world mayhem one code at a time..or something like that. The rest of the time you will probably find him doing yard work, playing zookeeper (aka Dad), or drinking coffee.

Erica is a stay at home, homeschooling, business runnin mom. Her day is usually filled with lots of children's tears, spilled water, the hum of washing machines, and cold cups of coffee.

This is life! We are excited about this family adventure and look forward to serving you a warm cup of love.

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