SignPost Coffee has Closed

Set up road markers for yourself; establish signposts! Keep the highway in mind, the way you have traveled. – Jeremiah 31:21

Dear SignPost Family

We have some difficult news to share. As you are aware, we are a family run business! Alex and I (Erica) have been solo running this coffee business from the ground up. We have been unimaginably blessed by the growth of our small business, but sometimes with growth, there is pain. Unfortunately, the load of this business has become too great to bear for just the two of us. As many of you know, I also homeschool our four children. Alex has also had to maintain his 40 hour a week job. Our young family is struggling to keep up with the demands.

We have closed our shop as of August 2018. We have spent many months wrestling with this decision as we know the impact that it will have on all of our wonderful customers.

We are hoping to pursue a more slowed down lifestyle and put some time back into our children’s lives where they have generously allowed us to run this business with all of our extra time. We are also excited (and surprised!) to announce that we are also expecting baby #5 due in February 2019.

I recognize the extremely personal nature of this letter, but you truly feel like family to us! Our greatest desire for this business was to create a community of connection. From the numerous emails, calls, and encounters with our customers, I am proud to say that I believe we have achieved this. I would sit down and share a cup of coffee with any of you. Truly, we are honored to have such gracious, pleasant customers. The experience of running this business has taught us so much and we are forever grateful. We feel that this is just another signpost that we are placing on our journey.

We thank you deeply that you have allowed us to serve you, it has been an honor. If you’d like to get in touch, drop us an email at

Thank you again for your understanding and we look forward to seeing what the future holds.